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Rez Bar Medjool Dates

Are Dates Good For You?

With dates showing up as a healthy alternative to sugar in lots of nutrition bars, protein bars, and keto snacks, you have to wonder: Are dates good for you? Let’s first take a look at where dates come from.

Dates are a fruit of the date palm tree. There are purportedly more than 3,000 varieties of dates that come in varying sizes, shapes, colors, textures, and tastes. The most common type of date found in stores are Medjool dates which are large, moist, sweet with skin color that ranges from brown to black. Medjool dates are most often used in cooking and baking. 

Dates are referred to as “nature’s candy." While dates do contain sugar, they are a natural sweetener used in most paleo and keto diets. Dates have a low glycemic level meaning you won’t get a blood sugar spike that you would otherwise get from refined sugars. They are also high in polyphenols that can protect the body from inflammation.

Dates contain B vitamins, potassium (50% more potassium by weight than a banana), niacin, and fiber. They are also fat and cholesterol free.

Dates are a great tasting and nutrient-dense healthy food which is why we include dates in our Rez Bar’s.

So the answer is YES. Dates are very good for you. Enjoy!