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What eSports Gamers Should Eat

eSports Food: What Gamers Should Eat

You want to perform at your best. Have you thought about nutrition for games? eSports food is changing. Top gamers nutrition contains foods that are high in protein and contain Omega-3s, antioxidants, magnesium, and fiber. Nutrition for games now avoids foods that are high in added sugar, saturated fat/trans fat, and sodium. You don’t necessarily have to ditch the Mountain Dew but you will want to balance out your choices with foods that befit a champion gamer diet.

Why dieting is important for gamers

Dieting. This is a word that gets thrown around a lot. But what is dieting? When people hear dieting they automatically assume they have to give up the foods and snacks that they love, but dieting is essentially limiting your food intake to specific things and specific portions in order to improve your physical state. That can include lots of foods that are good for you AND taste great.

In order for any gamer to perform at their peak, they need good fuel. You wouldn’t put cheap gas in a Formula 1 car, so why would you do that to yourself? A gamer diet is one that keeps your energy levels up, your mind clear, and your reflexes firing. In simpler terms, a gamer diet is one that keeps you in tip-top shape in order to destroy your competition. Many eSports pros, like Eugene “Pobelter” Park, a pro League Of Legends player for Counter Logic Gaming, eat select diets that nourish their minds and bodies. You can do it too! 

Foods gamers should eat

A gamer’s nutrition can make all the difference between walking home with a title, and a second place finish. In fact, the epic gamer diet includes lots of vegetables and fruits, as well as foods with specific ingredients to really give you an edge: 

    • Protein - gives you energy to keep on gaming. Meat is rich in protein and iron, but hamburgers tend to be processed and red meat is tough on the environment. Fish is a great source of protein, and for all you vegetarians, beans are, too.
    • Omega-3 fatty acids -fuel your brain. You can get Omega-3s from fatty fish like salmon and from chia seeds. Omega-3 fatty acids help fight depression and anxiety as well as fighting inflammation.
    • Antioxidants - improve memory and help limit disease. Foods like blueberries, nuts, and dark chocolate have high levels of antioxidants. They are also sources of healthy fats and vitamin E.
    • Magnesium - helps with strength, sleep, and stress management. Nuts, such as peanuts, are rich in vital minerals such as Magnesium. Magnesium regulates muscle function in your body, a vital task. Caffeine and soda can drain our bodies of this much needed mineral.
    • Fiber - good for controlling blood sugar and lowering your weight. Sitting all day in front of a screen can take a toll on your bowels. Check to make sure that what you eat has fiber in it and you can rest assured that your bowels will be on your side during that clutch 1v1.

Food gamers should avoid

When talking about food gamers should avoid, there isn’t one specific food that will reduce your reaction time or fail to give you the energy to compete at the highest level. In general, though, the foods you don’t want to eat are ones high in added sugar, saturated and/or trans fats (like fried foods), or sodium. Unfortunately, this describes many processed foods. 

A big part of playing at your best comes from your overall physical health, and eating processed foods will often worsen your health and cause you to gain weight. When your health is poor or you gain too much weight, you no longer feel comfortable, you often feel sluggish, and spikes in blood sugar can be the culprit.

The occasional burger now and then won’t hurt, but if you are guzzling soda, cramming down chips for hours on end, and eating pizza for dinner every night, your health and how you play will suffer. All you need to do is balance these choices out with foods that will keep your system in check. 

Gamers are athletes and just like Olympic athletes, they need fuel for performance. They need to be able to play at a high level for extended periods of time. Foods that promote brain health such as chia seeds and antioxidant rich foods such as nuts are all excellent choices. While foods that are processed and full of chemicals should be avoided. Gamers nutrition doesn’t have to be difficult. Have fun with it, and stay healthy! Rez Bar will get you a lot of what you need.