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Rez Bar Healthy Bar Full of Peanuts

Safety and Sanitation at Rez Bar

We take every measure to safeguard our employees and ensure that our products are safe.

We operate out of a commercial kitchen that is held to stringent health and safety standards. The kitchen also enforces a 6 foot distancing rule between workers. 

We obsess about food safety. Our team is Food Safety Certified. We practice good manufacturing practices (cGMPs), and have a Food Safety Plan to address any food safety issues that might arise. Our Food Safety Plan includes vetting our suppliers with respect to their food safety protocols and inspecting all deliveries for any chemical, biological, or physical contaminants. 

Further controls include stringent sanitation practices. We clean and sanitize our production space between each product run and at the end of every day. We wash our hands before entering the work space, before preparing our bars, after cleaning our equipment, and after using the restroom. We wear hair nets and gloves at all times in the kitchen. We also have a strict policy that sick employees may not come to work. 

Finally our shipping partners, UPS and FedEx, are taking extra  precautions, too. 

Food Safety is mandated by law but we go above and beyond what is required to make sure our bars are safe and so you don't worry. Instead, we want you to focus on how good our bars taste!